Konzert / Indie, Folk & Singer/​songwriter Lael Neale

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Lael’s new album Acquainted with Night is a testament to her poetic devotion. Stripped of any extraneous word or sound, the songs are lit by Lael’s crystalline voice which lays on a lush bed of Omnichord. The collection touches on themes that have been thread into her work for years: isolation, mortality, yearning, and reaching ever toward the transcendent experience.

An idea that floated around during the creation of the album was lost tapes’. Acquainted with Night feels like a sonic portrait of a season of a life, a sacred tape made in private by an artist at the peak of creative power and rediscovered by chance for the ages.

For fans of:

Julien Baker, Cat Power, Julia Jacklin

Lael Neale — Blue Vein [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

The evening will start with London singer/​songwriter and musician Anna B Savage. Her songs are stark, skeletal paintings of moods and reflection, using a palette of mainly voice and guitar. Most prominent is her voice – strong and sonorous, yet with a vulnerability that feels as if it is in the same room as you.

« Baroque pop at its most exhilarating »
— Mojo
Anna B Savage — Hotel (with Institute Collective)