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Based in Bristol, Scalping are a four-piece band: Isaac Jones on drums, James Rushforth on bass guitar, Nick Berthoud on guitar and Alex Hill on electronics. Ever since the formation of the band, they’ve been trying to answer the question that guides their work: How can a band bridge the gap between live guitar music and live electronic music?” 

Live, the effect is immense. Scalping play continuously, generating a storm of metal-and-techno through a rising beats-per-minute count. What’s played? What’s programmed?,” asked Bandcamp when the band’s debut album, Void, was selected as their Album of the Day on April 28, 2022. And then concluded: Does it even really matter when the results are so striking?”

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65daysofstatic, Snapped Ankles, PVA

SCALPING — REMAIN IN STASIS feat. Grove (Official

MR TC is an electronic music producer, DJ and record label boss (Phase Group, since 2019) known for his versatile DJ style and productions. On stage he uses analogue synthesisers, sequencers, drum machines and effects to translate the dub and kraut-inspired electronic sound of his records for a live audience.