Radio Rotondes #9 Becoming & Being an artist

A show created in collaboration with Radio ARA

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In this episode we’ll chat with Alain Welter and Olivier Sader, two graffiti artists. They’ll tell us about their path and how they became artists. They’ll also shatter a few myths by giving us a glimpse of what it means to be an artist and what challenges they face. 

We wanted to discuss this subject of becoming and being an artist with graffiti artists because a few years back, it would have been almost unthinkable to make graffiti a profession, as the discipline lacked recognition. That’s why we’ve chosen artists with very different paths and backgrounds: to show you that there isn’t just one way to become an artist. At the end of the discussion, they’ll tell us that to become an artist, you have to try and to allow for mistakes but also, you need to believe in yourself and to fight for it. 

Later in the episode, we’ll present Hariko, a creative space for children and young people to learn, among other things, how to make graffiti. And we’ll close the show with a creative prompt around graffiti.

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