Exhibition opening & Visual arts / Loop & Cube AnthropOcean: opening loop & cube

Ganaël Dumreicher, Michelle Kleyr & Lucie Wahl
© photo 1: Lucie Wahl / photo 2: Michelle Kleyr

CovidCheck event:

A CovidCheck certificate (in digital or paper form) or a rapid antigen test will be required from age 6 for this event. (more information about CovidCheck.)
Rapid antigen tests will be available for free at the entrance.

For the majority of the marine ecosystem, sound plays an essential role in communication and orientation. However, over the past 70 years, ocean noise levels have doubled every decade because of human activity. The increase in global sea traffic, military sonar and search for oil using seismic air guns have deadly consequences for an already heavily polluted ecosystem. Surprisingly, despite its distance from the sea, Luxembourg has a direct influence on this development.

Before unveiling the third part of their AnthropOcean installation in December as part of Multiplica, Ganaël Dumreicher, Michelle Kleyr and Lucie Wahl exhibit a loop and a spot for a first immersion into a present-day underwater atmosphere.