Visual arts / Spot & Installation Archaeological Manufacturing: Opening

© photos 1 & 3: Hisae Ikenaga / photo 3: Rotondes

By staging an archaeological dig in a place which has had many different functions, Archaeological Manufacturing challenges Rotonde 2’s past. Hisae Ikenaga’s installation seeks to intrigue both those who know the site and those who are new to it.

On the excavation site, soil, stones, and remains from previous exhibitions are moved around and reused, while new elements are created and incorporated for all to see. This creates an entertaining confusion and questions arise about what was there before’, and opening the door to personal (re)interpretations of the site’s history.

Hisae Ikenaga

Mexican-Spanish Hisae Ikenaga lives and works in Luxembourg. Her work focuses on modifying everyday objects to give them different meanings and uses. As shown by this installation simulating an improbable archaeological dig, her artistic approach is full of irony and absurdity. In 2020 she won the LEAP – The Luxembourg Encouragement for Artists Prize organised by Rotondes.


spot is a cycle of temporary art installations, designed in a space purposely not reminiscent of a regular gallery. The artworks are installed in the middle of the Rotonde 2 and visible through the windows of the Buvette.

production : Rotondes