Concert / Ciné-concert Ciné-concert by GREGARIO

CinEast 2021
© photo 1: Gregario / photo 2: The Hand by Jiří Trnka

CovidCheck event

A CovidCheck certificate (in digital or paper format) or a rapid self-test will be required from the age of 6. Free rapid self-tests will be available at the entrance. More information about the measures in place at Rotondes here.

CinEast, in collaboration with Rotondes, invites you to a unique ciné-concert with Gregario. The band pays tribute to the Czechoslovak animation filmmaker Jiří Trnka with musical accompaniment for his last two works: The Hand (Czechoslovakia 1965, 18 min) and Archangel Gabriel and Mistress Goose (Czechoslovakia 1964, 29 min).

Under the moniker Gregario, David André deliberately moves away from the maximalism that characterised the sound of his previous band, Mount Stealth, to piano-based compositions that feel subdued and urgent at the same time. In order to increase dynamic shifts, David will be joined on stage by drummer Paul Fox.

Gregario — Manhunt