Concert / Hip hop De Läbbel Session

With Corbi, Nicool, BC One, DJ PC & BTM + I Miss Hip Hop: video mix by DJ Jean Maron
Congés Annulés 
© Corbi / Nicool © Liliana Francisco / BC One © Fabian Herb
Congés Annulés 

Luxembourg’s hip hop and urban culture label will be your guide for this special session with Corbi, Nicool, BC One, BTM and DJ PC. Additionally DJ/VJ Jean Maron will present a video mix that will make true hip hop heads spin. I Miss Hip Hop will bring together classics tunes, old school and 90s music videos.

Nicool — 130 Säiten (beat by La Fleur)
Corbi — Hantelen (featuring Nikkel K)
BC One — Kuck se net an d’Aen (beat by Corbi)