Conference & Get-together Digital Privacy Apéro − Privacy & the Pandemic

How to survive in the digital jungle while staying nice
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Malwares and their impact on our lives

The first kind of malware that we will cover are the ransomware which were in the press a lot in the recent months, especially since a handful of hospitals were heavily impacted by them. 

Then, we will talk about spouseware and other parental control spywares used in households and companies to spy on family members and colleagues, and how they can be compromised and leak private information. 

Finally, we will learn about some state-sponsored malwares that are used by governments to target journalists and activists. As a case study we will discuss the Israeli technology firm NSO and its connections to Luxembourg.

Digital Privacy Apéro

This season the series formerly known as Crypto-Apéro becomes Digital Privacy Apéro so it is clear to everyone: investments in crypto currencies is not our domain.

Season 4: The Corona Aftermath

As topics, personal data and privacy haven’t reached Billie Eilish or TikTok crowd-pleasing levels. But in today’s world everyone should be equipped with some basic knowledge on how to protect themselves and their data from intrusive surveillance and unwanted information gathering. What better way to do that than listening to the most accessible tech geeks on the planet while sipping a drink?

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