Market Eat it #10

Luxembourg Street Food Festival
© Mike Zenari

Life before food trucks is like life before the Internet – it’s hard to even remember what it was like. Since food trucks have boomed as a concept, we’ve witnessed all kinds of delicious, original and inventive dishes served up by these kitchens on wheels. It’s a real culinary revolution – see you later sloppy chips and tasteless burgers. A festival is in order!

Can you believe we’re already hosting the festival’s 10th edition? As usual, we guarantee a festive atmosphere for all foodies on the lookout for the best street food. Whether you’re a carnivore, a flexitarian, a veggie or a vegan, the festival will bring everyone together in common agreement: good food is what life is all about!

Year after year, the festival tries to cut down its environmental impact. That’s why all dishes, desserts and snacks available at the festival will be served in biodegradable packaging. To reduce the amount of waste produced, the use of ECOBOX is strongly encouraged.