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Time For Equality presents The Consequences, a reportage on families of women victims of femicide, by the Italian journalist and photographer Stefania Prandi.

During three years Stefania Prandi met with families, listened to their stories and collected portraits, images of objects and places. Each image shows the perspective of the persons who have to live with the consequences of femicide on a daily basis.

Femicide” is the term used to define the killing or disappearance of a woman because of her gender and for reasons of hatred, contempt, pleasure or a sense of possession. When a woman is killed by a man, not only is that life destroyed, but whole families are affected. 

Those dealing with the consequences are mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers and children. They are the ones with grief and shattered lives, with memories kept alive by pictures, those who have to bear the weight of the legal expenses and the humiliation in courts, as well as in the media where it is the behavior of the victims that is questioned rather than that of the killer.

An increasing number of families undertake daily battles, often invisible from the outside. Some write books, others start petitions, collect funds for awareness-raising campaigns or engage in online activism. Their aim is to get society to understand how what they went through has precise cultural and social roots and is was caused by a widespread culture of ownership and domination of women by men. The consequences of violence and femicide impact not only individuals but society as a whole.

Stefania Prandi

Italian journalist, writer and photographer Stefania Prandi deals with gender, social and environmental topics. She has reported from Italy and several other countries in Europe, Africa and South America.

She is the author of the book Oro rosso (2018, Settenove) on the situation of women working in tomato and strawberry fields in Spain, Italy and Morocco, who are exploited, insulted and harassed. In 2020 she published her second book Le conseguenze (ed. Settenove).


Time For Equality

Time For Equality projects are all based on the motto Learn, Share, Act”. They aim not only to raise awareness but also to encourage the public to be part of the solution. Every project, campaign and action in which each one of us takes part contributes to building a fairer and better world; a world we would like to live in.

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