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Film screening & Get-together / Documentary & Graffiti Girl Power

CovidCheck event

A CovidCheck certificate (in digital or paper format) or a rapid self-test will be required from the age of 6. Free rapid self-tests will be available at the entrance. More information about the measures in place at Rotondes here.

The graffiti community is predominantly a man’s world, and men often share the view that graffiti – namely the illegal kind – is not for girls. Women have, however, become increasingly prominent in recent years. Girl Power captures the stories of women from 15 cities who have succeeded in the male-dominated graffiti world.

Girl Power also tells the story of the Czech writer Sany who, in 2009, decided to capture female emancipation in graffiti on film and to give other girls and women the opportunity to express themselves. It ended up being a seven-year endeavour that required a lot of sacrifices. Writer Mickey, featured in the film, will attend and answer questions from the audience after the screening.

Girl Power Movie Trailer ENG — The First Women’s