Concert / Indie & Rock Goat Girl

+ support: Speed Training

Goat Girl originated in 2015, when four Londoners came together through their love of music and like-minded attitudes, continually crossing paths at a number of gigs and open mic nights across South London. The quartet’s combined talents and enthusiasm resulted in a uniquely defiant sound with conscious lyricism, all of which wasted no time in pricking the ears of legendary British record label Rough Trade. 

Goat Girl’s frenetic energy, conscious lyricism and focus on social issues are still very much present on their second album, On All Fours. But their enthusiasm to experiment with synthesizers, percussion and analogue electronics has proven to expand the record far beyond any four corners. Hearing it live will leave you breathless!

For fans of:

Sorry, Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

Goat Girl — Badibaba” (Official Lyric Video)

The supporting act will be Speed Training, i.e. Charlie and Caitlin, two besties since growing up together in Belfast and now living in South London. Their work together uses a range of genres and aesthetics to build a shiny sexy queer pop music. They explore the mundanity of life through a trans lens, causing the listener to acknowledge their own spikes of discomfort without explicitly impaling them, and confronting the orthodoxies of pop music and society with the same punk attitude.

Speed Training — Hot Wheels (On The Race Track)