Concert / Post-punk, Dark wave & New wave Kælan Mikla

+ support: KANGA
© photo 1: Kaelan Mikla © Dean Wallflower / photo 2: Kanga © Gina Canavan

For fans of:

Boy Harsher, Lebanon Hanover, The Cure, Molly Nilsson

Bursting with the raw punk spirit and whimsical Icelandic visions which have fuelled Kælan Mikla from the very start, the band’s latest album, Undir Köldum Norðurljósum, takes their unmistakable sound and presents it in a manner even more lush and engrossing than before. Cinematic layers of synth, ethereal vocals sung in their native tongue, spine-chilling screams, driving bass and programmed drums combine to pull the listener deeper than ever into Kælan Mikla’s world – a place of folklore and fairy tales, magic and mysticism.

Kælan Mikla — Stormurinn

But first, the evening will start with LA-based electronic musician, producer and remixer KANGA. Championed by electronica icon Gary Numan and widely considered one of the finest darkwave purveyors, KANGA fuses post-apocalyptic pop sensibilities with body-shaking rhythms and sinuous melodies.