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Piano Days 
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Piano Days 

Please note that this will be a seated concert to respect the social distancing rules and that the bar will remain closed. Click here to find out more about the measures in effect at Rotondes.

A new take on modern classical piano with an electronic feel

There aren’t many classical musicians who would recommend a Berlin electro-punk album from 1993 on their Facebook page or honour the 25th anniversary of grunge mastermind Kurt Cobain’s death but pianist Kai Schumacher moves through the diverse fields of popular music in a stylistically confident and knowledgeable way.

Since his days as a classical music student and the release of his first album The People United Will Never Be Defeated, the Bad Boy of Music” (Klassik Critix) has been experimenting like a crazy musical scientist, combining seemingly irreconcilable elements.

His solo performances are pure alchemy, both musically and stylistically, offering an intoxicating mixture of Dadaism and dancefloor, avant-garde and pop culture — sometimes even everything at once.

For fans of: 

Federico Albanese, Haushka

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