Film screening / Architecture Mon Oncle

What is architecture?

Monsieur Hulot’s brother-in-law is the manager of a factory where plastics are manufactured. His nephew grows up in a house where everything is fully automated and the boy is raised in a similar fashion. To take away the influence of the uncle on his son, his brother-in-law gets Hulot a job in his factory.

Mon Oncle (1958) — trailer

Wat ass Architektur? − What is architecture?

What is architecture? is a series of events full of discoveries around – as you might have guessed – architecture. 

We are all, in one way or the other, confronted with architecture: We live in apartments and houses, we work in various office buildings, we spend our free time in theatres, swimming pools, restaurants and public spaces. But how much do we really know about the processes of creation and construction of the architectural landscapes that surround us?

What is architecture? has been initiated to raise questions on various topics related to architecture, while presenting their relevance in a national and international context. At every What is architecture? evening you can expect a movie preceded and followed by unreleased film footage of WAA? Project, highlighting the link between the projected film and Luxembourg.