From 0 year old
To 1 year old

Labo & Workshop / Workshop for child-adult duo & Yoga Parent & Baby Yoga

© John Taye

Mums and dads spend a lot of time taking care of their children. It’s time they took care of their physical and mental well-being with a well-deserved hour of hatha yoga and post-natal exercises. Finding a babysitter won’t even be a problem (or a potential excuse) as Baby can just join in on the fun!

New parents just have to throw a few toys and a blanket into the usual load of diapers, wipes and bottles – something to keep Baby busy while s/​he watches grown-ups practice their asanas. Surely, Mommy in downward-facing dog is hilarious enough? At the end of the session the baby/​parent duos will bundle up together to enjoy some quiet time and meditation before heading back home with renewed energy.

encadrement: Sarah Cattani ou John Taye