Concert / Rock Ruben Block

© CHarlie De Keersmaecker

Ruben Block has been Belgium-based rock band Triggerfinger’s front man since 1998, writing the bulk of the band’s five album’s worth of material, singing lead, and playing guitar. But even with his band’s pretty intense touring/​recording schedule, the idea of a solo record had come up.

When recording Triggerfinger’s fifth album, Colossus, in LA with Mitchell Froom, Block and Froom hit it off and start talking about that idea that had been on Block’s mind for a while. Mitchell Froom had been a hero to Block ever since he produced Kiko for Los Lobos, being part of the Latin Playboys project, and for other work he’d done on acts like Elvis Costello and Suzanne Vega. Now Ruben Block is loose, and he’s having fun.

Ruben Block — Awake (Official Video)