Concert / Techno, Minimal & Ambient SpudBencer − Minimaal EP Release

Congés Annulés 
Congés Annulés 

SpudBencer likes deep and repetitive music. SpudBencer can make you trip or dance. SpudBencer is not hip.

Fred Baus a.k.a. SpudBencer is an electronic musician and DJ from Luxembourg who became involved in the local scene in early 2000s and has led several projects (Grand Duchy Grooves, d:qliq & Songs For Ben) to keep on pushing it forward. He has shared stages with artists like The Field, Vitalic, Digitalism, 2many DJs, Benjamin Damage, Compuphonic and KXP and played festivals in Belgium, France, India, Japan and China. 

After a hiatus of nearly 5 years, Fred is back as SpudBencer, exploring a more minimal, repetitive sound to take the listeners on a trip. His music is at times dark but can be melodic and bittersweet at other moments. His music is influenced by Plastikman and the minimal techno approach of M_​inus and the Scandinavian label Hypnus but explores a more ambient route.