Visual arts & Exhibition / Installation AnthropOcean

A perspective on underwater noise pollution
© photos 1 & 2: Michelle Kleyr / photo 3: Lucie Wahl

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For most of the marine ecosystem, sound plays an essential role in communication and orientation. However, over the past 70 years, ocean noise levels have doubled every decade because of human activity. The increase in global sea traffic, military sonar and search for oil using seismic air guns have deadly consequences for an already heavily polluted ecosystem.

Luxembourg, being so far from the sea, might seem to be neither a direct cause nor affected by the consequences of a pollution that will eventually reach a tipping point. The general public is often not aware of the interconnectedness of the world. The oceans produce almost half of the world’s oxygen, and are still very much a terra incognita but are treated mainly as a resource to be economically exploited.

The installation AnthropOcean in the Rotonde 2 places visitors in the middle of another world. The 360-degree experience of image and audio impulses offers a unique and unexpected perspective of marine life, where the romantic idea of Cousteau’s Silent World is interwoven with a new and human-made thread of disorienting sounds. As an intersection between art, science and ecology, the art project uses scientific research as a starting point and recordings from the noisiest spot in the Mediterranean. 

The ten-minute immersive experience can be extended in the Buvette with a loop and a cube. A round table discussion will take place on Saturday 04.12.21 at 19:00 at the Buvette.


by Ganaël Dumreicher, Michelle Kleyr & Lucie Wahl

As part of Multiplica 2021

AnthropOcean is a Rotondes production, a coproduction with the Nuit de la Culture. The installation will be on display in Esch-sur-Alzette in March 2022.