From 10 years old
To 14 years old

Labo, Conference & Workshop / Workshop for child-adult duo & Video Digital Grandparents

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CovidCheck event:

A CovidCheck certificate (paper or digital version) must be presented to attend the event. This rule applies for everyone from 12 years + 2 months and above. Further information about our CovidCheck measures here.

To understand and learn how to master a new technology, many 55+ year olds ask their younger relatives for advice, which is how the idea of this duo workshop was born. It allows everyone to progress at their own pace in the digital world.

During the first part of the workshop, the GoldenMe team will introduce the older generation to the vocabulary related to the most common social networks. During this time, the younger ones will discover the basics of creating video tutorials with the people of 2030 when I grow up. The two groups will then meet to shoot short videos in which the older group will explain terms related to digital culture, in their own words. This new knowledge will allow both the young and the less young to be more comfortable with digital tools, but also more critical.

conférence & encadrement pédagogique : GoldenMe (Mara Kroth, Johannes Heuschkel) / partie vidéo & encadrement pédagogique : 2030 when I grow up (Andra Maria Matresu)