Rotondes inspires you Bizou futé

The most important thing is to capture the atmosphere”
© Bizou futé

We’re the first ones to say that inspiration can be found everywhere. Still, when visitors get ideas from Rotondes, we see it as a huge compliment. We’d like you to meet some of the people who enjoy Rotondes in their free time, each in their own way.

Bizou futé has been hanging out at Rotondes since 2007, drawn to our musical programming. Not only does he love discovering new artists here, he also enjoys the atmosphere of the live concerts. To get a feel of what to listen to, simply follow the way he paves on his Instagram account.

Rotondes have already collaborated with you as an illustrator several times, but in reality, drawing is your hobby, right?

I have two lives: in one of them I have a serious” job, which allows me to pay the bills and in the other I have fun. Everything that I do creatively, I do as a hobby. I’ve done graffiti before, I’ve always liked painting and drawing, I also like to take photos, but they’re still hobbies. It’s a matter of balance.

We know that you are passionate about music. Why did you start drawing during concerts?

It’s a kind of pragmatic approach that allows me to combine two of my passions: music and drawing. It’s also a way for me to participate actively in the concerts, rather than being passive in the audience. When I arrived to Luxembourg, I didn’t know anyone. I went to concerts all the time, but alone, and it was slightly depressing not having anyone to share the experience with. I started drawing a bit out of boredom. People were intrigued by it and so I kept on drawing.

But if you draw during concerts, don’t you feel you’re missing out on the music and the moment?

On the contrary, I think I analyse everything better while I’m drawing. Photographers are often limited to the first three songs of a concert. They are given this time at the beginning of the evening to capture the intensity of the event when in reality the real heart of the concert comes later. But I can draw at any moment, as soon as it inspires me. It’s just going to take me the time of a song, it won’t be perfect or perfectly faithful to reality, but it will reflect the atmosphere. For me, that’s the most important thing. Digital tools, like the tablet, which I often use during concerts, allow me to work very quickly and above all, to post the drawings immediately. As soon as a drawing matches my idea of the atmosphere or the venue, I post it, like a live report.

© Bizou Futé

Is there a Rotondes memory that you particularly like?

I find that Rotondes brings people together in a very special way. It’s not just a place that offers great events. It’s also the perfect setting for people who want to discover new things and talk about them with others. Very early on, Marc [Hauser, music programmer] saw I was there all the time and found out that I collect vinyl records. One day he asked me if I wanted to come and play records. I think it’s great to be able to get people to listen to songs they don’t necessarily listen to. So I came to do it from time to time. 

That’s how I ended up mixing after Modeselektor was on with Fred Baus [a.k.a Spud Bencer]. There’s nothing I like more than mixing late at night and seeing people dance! It might seem a bit childish, but I love it. And that night, the atmosphere was crazy! Well, it wasn’t necessarily thanks to us, it was mostly thanks to Modeselektor… But what a great memory!

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