Rémy Laporte (Nancy, FR)
© Mike Zenari

After the disappearance of a soul mate, Rémy Laporte was overwhelmed by sorrow – a feeling he first expressed on an EP, followed by an hour-and-a-half-long LP. In this deliberately tautological installation, Laporte lets this melancholy ballad come to life in Rotondes’ cubic exhibition space, immersing visitors in a simultaneously mundane and dreamlike environment that lets them undertake their own journey to the confines of reality.

Rémy Laporte

Rémy Laporte

lives and works in Nancy where he attended and graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure d’Art et de Design. At 4th Triennale Jeune Création −Jet lag / out of sync (2017) at Rotondes, he presented Le Château Rue Marie. Laporte’s practice centers around the dream and the fleeting moments deriving from this dreamlike state capable of disrupting our days. His pieces are somewhere between works of art and popular crafts from the working class city of Nancy.


production : Rotondes


cube is a cycle of temporary artistic installations, designed outside a formal gallery space in order for the greatest number of people to enjoy. This space is located between the entrance to the Rotonde 2 and the Buvette.


This cube is presented as part of the Triennials programme, in collaboration with Casino Luxembourg − Forum d’art contemporain.