Visual arts & Exhibition / Sound installation Sweet Zenith

© Nika Schmitt

Nestled in the dark space of the cube, Sweet Zenith plays with a chain of reactions generating the electricity necessary for the installation to function. In the middle of this microcosm, a pendulum swings chaotically in search of a calm state, only to be found by returning to the centre again… which will provoke chaos once more.

The system is completely independent but is limited by the space in which it is located. Those who visited Eupen’s IKOB earlier this year had the opportunity to observe the installation in its second, larger configuration.

production: Rotondes en collaboration avec Meakusma

Nika Schmitt

Nika Schmitt is a Luxembourgish sound artist who lives and works in Rotterdam. After completing her BA at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Maastricht, she started her master’s degree at The artscience interfaculty in the Hague. Winner of the Gilbert de Bontridder award in 2017 and of the Sonotopia award in 2018, Nika creates site-specific electromechanical installations and kinetic sculptures.

Currently, Nika is focusing on the concept and use of renewable versus finite energy sources. Through her work she seeks to demonstrate processes in the physical world through energy transformations, material wear and tear, and self-destruction in machines. Combined with elementary principles of physics her works mimic the complex dynamics of the universe through slapstick mechanic performances.



cube is a cycle of temporary artistic installations, designed outside a formal gallery space in order for the greatest number of people to enjoy. This space is located between the entrance to the Rotonde 2 and the Buvette.