Terre ferme

Guillaume Barborini (Metz, FR)
© Mike Zenari

Une pièce en trois temps

Terre ferme (Firm Ground) is an action that looks to the ground. It revolves around displaced earth, from open-cast mines and advancing deserts to glacial erosion, dikes and barren lands but also newly formed territories. Materialising in the Rotonde 2, with its ground made of earth and concrete, Terre ferme takes part in this colossal circulation of matter collapsing under our feet, through which the planet is shaped and carried away bit by bit.

Guillaume Barborini

Hailing from Savoy, Guillaume Barborini graduated from the École Supérieure d’art de Lorraine. He then decided to settle in the area and now lives and works in Metz. In 2017, he presented Approche de la Presqu’île during the 4th Triennale Jeune Création at Rotondes. His work is driven by the desire to take care of what resists the corrosive development of the world, and focuses on experiencing the world rather than consuming it. Through simple interactions, their slowness and their repetitions, from which drawings, videos, sculptures or texts emerge, his work tends towards something undefined, a form of presence to oneself, to others and to things.


vidéos : Paula Onet / aide au déplacement des terres : Christophe Holstein / production : Rotondes


spot is a cycle of temporary artistic installations, designed outside a formal gallery space. The artworks are displayed right in the middle of Rotonde 2 and visible from the Buvette, through the windows.


This spot is presented as part of the Triennials programme, in collaboration with Casino Luxembourg − Forum d’art contemporain.

Terre Ferme — temps 1
Terre Ferme — temps 2
Terre Ferme — temps 3