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La section Arts plastiques s’expose, 3e édition
© XPO E 2017, photos: Sven Becker

Tomorrow’s most talented are back for an exhibition at Rotondes! A whole year later than planned due to the pandemic, the XPO E will once again shine a spotlight on those following artistic and creative studies in secondary schools in Luxembourg. For many students, this exhibition will be a first opportunity to show their works outside their schools and address the general public. So it’s a much-awaited exhibition!

Rotondes’ Galerie will make way for hundreds of works born from the creative imagination of students in history of art (led by photographer Jeanine Unsen), visual communication (with the complicity of guillaumit), drawing and design. An exceptional showcase of how much these subjects have to offer.

« Die Ausstellung ist nicht nur ein Zeugnis der Vielfalt, die das kreative Schaffen der jungen Menschen darstellt. Vielmehr zeigt sie, wie die Schüler ihre Projekte von der Idee bis zum fertigen Werk durchführen. Das Publikum erhält so ebenfalls einen Einblick in den Schaffensprozess. »
— Tageblatt, 18./19. März 2017

XPO E is organised by Rotondes.

In collaboration with

Atert-Lycée Redange
Athénée de Luxembourg
École Privée Fieldgen
Lycée Aline Mayrisch
Lycée Classique d’Echternach
Lycée Classique de Diekirch
Lycée de Garçons d’Esch-sur-Alzette
Lycée de Garçons de Luxembourg
Lycée Michel-Rodange

With the participation of the following artists

Jeanine Unsen (LU)
Guillaumit (FR)