Let’s dig deeper after the shows
© Pasqual Gorriz / Hubert Amiel / Laurence Rebouillon

The culture of debate is in the Rotondes’ DNA. Our programme covers a wide variety of subjects, questions preconceptions and invites everyone to go beyond what (they think) they know. In this sense, each show constitutes an opportunity to open up the discussion with the audience.

After certain performances, the spectators who wish to are invited to stay a little longer to get and share insight on the theme of the play. The talk is fueled by questions from the audience, the artists’ approach and the experiences of an expert in the field.

Upcoming talks

On Thursday 26.11.20 Birdie will be followed by a talk in English with Àlex Serrano andd Pau Palacios (Compagnie Agrupación Señor Serrano ) and Armand Back (journalist, Tageblatt).

On Tuesday 11.02.21 Dislex will be followed by a talk in French with the artistic team and with members of the Dys-positiv department of Caritas Jeunes et Familles a.s.b.l., Nathalie Da Costa and Liss Kiefer. 

On Thursday 29.04.21 Burning will be followed by a talk in French with director and performer Julien Fournier and Fränz D’Onghia, doctor in psychology and manager at the Ligue luxembourgeois et d’hygiène mentale a.s.b.l. They will tackle the need to demystify and destigmatize burnout. Julien Fournier will also give insight into the play’s creation.