Radio Rotondes

Rotondes explores creativity in this third season of Radio Rotondes, our show created in collaboration with Radio ARA.

This season of Radio Rotondes is called Creative explorations”.

If you want to be more creative, learn more about this elusive and complex quality, or just want to be inspired, then stay with us. We talk to creative humans, not only artists, but also people from all walks of life. Together we explore their creative journey as they share with us how they approach their craft, but also life in general. We want to show you that anybody can learn to be creative.

We also recommend creatives places in Luxembourg where you can develop a new creative practice.

We always end with a creative prompt. Something simple that you can do at home to get your creative juices flowing.

Each show is accompanied by a creative playlist: music that we hope will inspire you and help you create. 

The show is moderated in French, and the interviews will be in French, English or German. A new episode is broadcasted every 1st Tuesday of the month at 6:30PM on Radio ARA (102.9 or 105.2). You can also find the episodes on this website and on Spotify.

Your host

photo: Verle Scheppers

Hi! I’m Claire Molitor, I’m a volunteer in the socio-cultural department at Rotondes. A few years ago, I realized that creating is just part of being human, it is natural to us, it fuels us and fills us. Unfortunately, many of us want to be more creative but don’t know where to start. 

So I’ve decided to make this new season of Radio Rotondes an exploration, a journey, a discovery of creativity. To understand it, dissect it, demystify it and to understand what happens in the head of a creative human. Because yes, creativity can be learned.

I hope this show will inspire you, that it will help you feel more creative, and ignite the creative fire within yourself. So that, one day, you will describe yourself as a creative human.

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