A Place that lives

Rotondes is a place where life buzzes through different spaces.

The courtyard (Parvis)

In addition to hosting cultural events, Rotondes is also a recreational space. Its extensive courtyard is an evolving space where new ideas for the layout are regularly implemented, according to people’s requirements and desires. It is accessible to all; anyone can come and join in physical activities such as gardening (UrBOn Garden), ping-pong, pétanque, and three-point shootout.

Rotonde 1

Beneath the dome of Rotonde 1 is the Grande Salle, which generally accommodates the performing arts, the Galerie for exhibitions, and the Plateforme for talks and conferences. These three spaces are also available for hire.

Container City

Situated between the two Rotondes is Container City, a semi-permanent structure that contains an intimate performance venue (the Black Box), three studios/​rehearsal spaces (the Studios), a space available for cultural start-ups (the Co:Work), and the Radio ARA recording studios.

Rotonde 2

Inside Rotonde 2, you will find the Buvette and a concert venue, the Klub. A complete renovation of Rotonde 2 is under consideration and should be carried out over the next few years.