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Instagram Stories is where you find treasures”
© Stephanie Jabardo

We’re the first ones to say that inspiration can be found everywhere. Still, when visitors get ideas from Rotondes, we see it as a huge compliment. We’d like you to meet some of the people who enjoy Rotondes in their free time, each in their own way.

Social networks serve as the virtual workplace for quite a bunch of influencers, even in Luxembourg. But when Stephanie uses Instagram, it’s as a place to meet people and have fun. It’s a bit like when she comes to Rotondes.

We know you from your Instagram account. Do you prefer creating digital stories?

Definitely, yes. Instagram is my favourite social media platform at the moment. I’ve met a lot of great artists, creative people, friends and valuable opportunities through it. 

And I love the Stories feature, I really enjoy the process of creating them. It is a very fast way to communicate a message, you can make an impact in just a few seconds, and the fact that I have the whole screen of a phone available to display that message makes it more interesting. Long format for the win!

Your feed is a mix of photos by you and of you. Do you prefer to be in front of or behind the camera? 

I like all the stages and ways of creating visual content, in front of or behind the camera. I think translating thoughts or emotions into an image is my way of communicating. 

I opened my Instagram account in 2012, just to share daily life things. At that moment, I was modelling, I had a music project, and was involved in visual production, so it was mainly about that. Then I moved to Luxembourg and I started showing what was around me in this new place. It became my hobby and a way to meet people here, so I started working more and more in order to deliver better pictures.

© Stephanie Jabardo

Your Instagram posts and stories are carefully created but your feed is still eclectic, not overly polished. Is it because you like to experiment? Because you post spontaneously? Or some other reason?

Since Instagram has become a source of work for many people around the world, the feed is like the working space of those who live off it. We’ve seen the most amazing feeds – which I truly applaud because I know all the work behind them – but sometimes the spontaneous and real part is completely out of focus. That’s the thing I don’t want to lose. 

I love to experiment. I love that eclectic and non-polished touch. I love to create my Instagram feed posts out of the things that inspire me daily. New things that I learn, the good and the bad… Everything that you see on that feed is 100% part of my daily life, displayed in an image.

As for Instagram Stories, that’s my jam! It’s like the secret spot where you find treasures.

© Stephanie Jabardo

What’s your first memory of Rotondes? And your best?

I remember that the first time I came here, I thought: Oh, this place looks like me! But my favourite moment was the 2017 edition of the eat it festival, when Xavier Bettel and I were eating a tikka masala wrap next to each other. Here in Luxembourg, these situations are totally normal but in my country, it would be a completely different story!

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