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Due to the current Covid-related restrictions, we regret to inform you that Aloa Input’s performance has been cancelled. Ticketholders will be contacted personally.

Aloa Input’s third release came out in May 2021. Called Devil’s Diamond Memory Collection, it is a concept album exploring what the band call felt eternity”.

While touring a few years ago, Angela Aux, Marcus Grassl and Cico Beck (The Notwist, Joasihno) started wondering: What would you do if you were the last person on the planet? This question, and all the answers they and their audience came up with, led to 14 tracks that shed light into how the band envision the future. They form the soundtrack to a sci-fi scenario that doesn’t take place in a futuristic utopia or in a doomsday-style setting. Devil’s Diamond Memory Collection simply acknowledges that we already are in the future. There will be more questions asked, no guaranteed happy ending and hope, always.

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