Concert / Electro kraut & Dance punk Congés Annulés Closing Night

With AUA + PVA
Congés Annulés 
© photo 1: AUA / photo 2: PVA
Congés Annulés 

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Beak, Broadcast, Snapped Ankles, Working Men’s Club

On their latest album The Damaged Organ, AUA write their own pop blueprint with an eclectic mix of explosive Motorik beats, Carpenter­esque arpeggios, and surf guitars. The German duo Fabian Bremer and Henrik Eichmann are second to none when it comes to creating melancholic, otherworldly atmospheres using their experimental, multi-faceted krautrock. Some say that their music is healing” (Visions Magazin), so expect to feel some feels during their performances!

AUA – BRICK BREAK (Official Video)

Since forming in the din of a house party, PVA are the genre-hopping passion project of London musicians Ella Harris, Josh Baxter, and Louis Satchell. The band’s unique energy combines with blocky synths, deadpan vocals, and motorik drum loops into rapturous live sets.

PVA — Sleek Form’ (Official Audio)