Concert / Shoegaze Cyclorama Release

Support: Sheebaba
© photo 1: Cyclorama

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Cyclorama is a Luxembourg-based independent rock band duo formed in 2009. After an eponymous album in 2017 exploring shoegaze influences, the band return to highlight their psychedelic influences, continuing to offer elaborate, this time with a more careful production and – a first –vocals. The result is Kill The Myth which the band will release into the world with a live performance.

CYCLORAMA / Bright Shiny Morning

Mainz-based duo Sheebaba describe themselves as noise, poetry and drum loops, genre-bending, art rock, dark wave, experimental, goth, industrial, fuzzy and glitchy, conceptual, performative, colours of the rainbow, against hate. Full stop”, they say. But you’ll see that they’re even much more than that.