Concert / Indie, Rock & Post-punk Deeper

Support: En Attendant Ana
© photos 1 & 3: Deeper / photo 2: En Attendant Ana by Chloé Lecarpentier

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Singer and guitarist Nic Gohl, bassist Drew McBride, and drummer Shiraz Bhatti are all graduates of Chicago’s rich DIY scene, They came together around their love of Wire, Devo, Gang of Four and Television and went on to form Deeper. In 2020 they released their sophomore album, Auto-Pain, a record that finds the band embracing open space, using synths to create shadows where bricks of guitars once would’ve blocked out the sun. It represents the constant wave of depression felt by many in everyday life while being a good catalyst making it possible to move forward.

« [Deeper] deliver an energetic post-punk experience that excels by all measures. »
— ABC News, 27 March 2020

As for En Attendant Ana, with the release of Juillet in early 2020, the Parisian quintet have made good on the promise of their album Lost and Found (2018) and crafted a set of songs that shimmer, glide and sway with a sophistication only hinted at by their debut. Best described by Bandcamp Daily, zhey fuse uptempo guitar lines that draw equally on 70s post-punk and classic indie pop with lyrics about ditching your current circumstance in favor of finding something more fulfilling.”

Deeper — The Knife (Official Music Video)