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Projection & Rencontre Die Dohnal

Queer loox – a queer-feminist film series in Luxembourg
© Elfie Semotan

Désolé, ce texte n’existe pas (encore) en français.

There are films that surface at the very right time – or you discover them at the very right moment in history (or in your own biography). Cinephiles know this kind of bliss of being awakened” by a film. Die Dohnal provides exactly this kind of experience at a time of deep political despair in Austria. 

Johanna Dohnal, whose political career spans three decades, was one of the very first explicitly feminist politicians in Europe. And outspoken she was! She worked on a feminist project she herself was helping create, at a time when the Social Democratic Party of Austria was still firmly rooted in Central-European-style machismo while maintaining its role in the movement of non-aligned states in Europe. As a member of the Austrian socialist government and the first Austrian minister for Women’s Affairs from 1990 to 1994, Dohnal was responsible for founding Austria’s first women’s refuge as well as criminalizing of marital rape. Yet her legacy remains to be discovered and re-examined. Die Dohnal makes a first step, and it makes Dohnal come alive. A bliss in its own right. (Katja Wiederspahn)

DIE DOHNAL // Trailer
queer loox

queer loox is a series of queer-feminist films, created in Luxembourg in December 2014. As an umbrella term, queer” challenges the assumed binary of sexual orientations and gender identities. Queer” is about non-normativity, creativity, and diversity far beyond homonormative culture. In its intended role as Luxembourg’s queer-feminist platform and meeting point for discussion, queer loox presents a wide range of feature films, documentaries and art installations on a regular basis.

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