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Emerging from Geneva’s underground scene, Ethyos 440 is the meeting of groove band L’Eclair and DJ/​producer DJ Laxxiste A. Both have been separately touring, ripping up the club scene and generally sending the audience into a trance over the past few years. It was only logical that they unite and create the ultimate late-night-infected-dub-live band, a project that focuses on the underground club scene with the idea of bringing back live performing bands into the clubs again. Sequencers and human grooves are paired together, analog instruments are played live on riddims, fx’s, and samples manually executed with a dub-mix approach towards the extreme.

Ethyos 440 will take over your mind for a long, and deep, journey into the tunnel of sound, lifting you high into the stratosphere or moving you with intensity onto the dancefloor!

Ethyos 440 — Tunnel (Official Video) | Le