Concert / Post-punk & New wave Gwendoline

Congés Annulés 
© photo 1: Gwendoline
Congés Annulés 

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Behind the Celtic name Gwendoline hides a Rennes-based duo who undoubtedly found inspiration at the counter of a bar, in the bitterness of a flat beer. Caught between despair and idleness, the pair trap their disenchantment in a magnetic kind of new wave. Imagine Fauve’s romantic-realist spoken songs, covered and soiled by Rhume, with no light at the end of the tunnel. With their knack for self-deprecation and sarcasm, and the couldn’t-care-less attitude typical of their generation, Gwendoline reveal themselves as deeply human. Pure punk poetry.

For fans of:

Oi Boys, Indochine

Gwendoline — Audi rtt (clip participateuf)