Concert / Folk & Singer/​songwriter Hannah Ida

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Young artist Hannah Ida acquired her first guitar at a flea market at 16 and wrote her debut song, White Bird”, following an intense sailing trip to Scandinavia. Encouraged by friends and family, the shy teenager gained in confidence and continued to write songs, reflecting raw, acoustic sounds, embodied by rebellious and mysterious texts, describing her path of growing up and finding uniqueness. In September 2018, she officially launched the solo singer/​songwriter project Hannah Ida.

Very much inspired by singer/​songwriters like Alice Phoebe Lou or Laura Marling, Hannah Ida includes various influences into her calm indie/​folk songs. After her session at the 2020 Congés Annulés, she’s back at Rotondes with her guitar, her ukulele and her warm and melancholic sound.

For fans of:

Alice Phoebe Lou, Laura Marling, C’est Karma

Hannah Ida/​/​Florian Van Kooy — East of Eden