Concert / Ciné-concert John Carpenter’s Dark Star by One Mpc & Shake the Disease

+ Ailleurs, D’ailleurs
Congés Annulés 
Congés Annulés 

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In the mid-22nd century, mankind has begun to colonize interstellar space. Armed with artificially intelligent Thermostellar Triggering Devices, which can talk and reason, the scout ship Dark Star searches for unstable planets” which might threaten future colonization. Twenty years into their mission, the Dark Star has aged and suffers malfunctions while the tedium of their work has driven the crew around the bend”. En route to their next target, the Dark Star is hit by electromagnetic energy during a space storm, resulting in yet another on-board malfunction. Thermostellar Bomb #20 receives an order to deploy, jeopardizing the survival of the crew.

Dark Star was cobbled together and shot over a long period of time by John Carpenter and Dan O’Bannon, two classmates from the University of Southern California. It was done with very simple means and a lot of ingenuity, poetry and humor. As such, it defies time and trends. 

For this live cinema format, David Rouby aka One Mpc and Romain Laurent aka Shake The Disease have chosen to work with the 40-minute original version of the film. The plot unfolds between sound layers, krautrock, groove and hypnotic and contemplative electronic tracks. Have a good trip!


We’ll round off the evening with Luxembourg project Ailleurs, d’Ailleurs. Born next door, in the middle of a forest, he discovered very early on that he preferred pears to apples. He got good marks on the recorder in college but never learned music. He took part in a few noise and experimental music projects. Ailleurs, d’Ailleurs is an attempt to pay homage to all his musical heroes, to create a sound film or simply amazing sounds, for those who travel in their heads.