Concert / Instrumental Mutiny On The Bounty + Gregario

Support: Gregario
Congés Annulés 
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Congés Annulés 

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Mutiny On The Bounty have gone from strength to strength with every album by delving further into their individual personalities to explore new sounds and composition techniques. In doing so, the band have reached new territories and a moodier soundscape than what they had given us on Trials. On stage, it’s technically challenging. But in the pit, it’s still very danceable so get ready to shake your hips!

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Battles, Three Trapped Tigers

MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY — Countach (live at Digital

As a warm-up, we’re happy to have Gregario back on our stage. After a few years on the local DIY music scene and stints in various acclaimed post rock, indie and electronica outfits, Gregario left his elaborate equipment behind in favour of piano-based compositions. In equal parts reminiscent of the more textural elements of bands like Tortoise or From Monument to Masses and the sparse structures of Nils Frahm, his music feels subdued and urgent at the same time, and never feels out of touch with the world it provides an escape from.