Concert / Indie & Experimental Sheebaba + The Cookie Jar Complot

Congés Annulés 
© photo 1: Sheebaba / photos 2 & 3: The Cookie Jar Complot
Congés Annulés 

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With Sheebaba, Eliott Eccho and Prof. Costello channel their urge to understand the everlasting surrounding noise into art rock/​dark wave tracks. The Mainz-based duo like to craft performative shows that oscillate between genre-bending acts like Devo and the unpredictable rawness of artists like Daniel Johnston and Fugazi.

The Cookie Jar Complot will take care of the other half of the evening and they’re very much eager to do so. Gilles and Sven have been writing music together for 10 years but only recently decided to leave their bedroom studios. In April 2021, they recorded a series of 4 instrumental songs for an EP that encapsulates all the previous years of hard work. Time for a live show!

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