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Congés Annulés 
© photos 1 & 3: Stella Sommer by Gloria Endres de Oliveira / photo 2: Hannah Ida by Pit Reding
Congés Annulés 

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A delicate and dark singer-songwriter

As the singer and songwriter of Die Heiterkeit, Stella Sommer has turned into one of Germany’s most talented artists. Last October she released her second solo album in English, Northern Dancer.

Somewhere between folk, chanson and 60s-pop, in firm Nico / Marianne Faithfull / Nick Cave / Beach Boys / Françoise Hardy territory, Stella Sommer has created her very own genre, filled with calm, dignity, warmth and grace. Northern Dancer tells 10 stories of a magical world that could be ours if only we’d look closely enough at our surroundings. She’s bringing these stories to our stage, get ready to get carried away!

Stella Sommer — The Eyes of the Singer

Very much inspired by singer/​songwriters like Alice Phoebe Lou or Laura Marling, Hannah Ida composes calm indie/​folk songs made of raw, acoustic sounds and rebellious, mysterious texts, describing her path of growing up and finding uniqueness. After her session at the 2020 Congés Annulés, she’s back at Rotondes with her guitar, her ukulele and her warm and melancholic sound.

Hannah Ida-Mars Man Dance