Concert / Indie & Rock Tuys

A Curtain Call For Dreamers Launch Party
© Shade Cumini

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Please note that this will be a seated concert to respect the social distancing rules and that the bar will remain closed. Click here to find out more about the measures in effect at Rotondes.

The boys behind Tuys formed the band at the age of 10 and quickly turned it into their dominant daydream. They are an odd boy band singing in three voices while loving driving synths and energetic psych-rock. Their songs are pervaded by distorted bass lines, entangling hooks and eccentric dynamics that make you want to see them live.

The upcoming songs cheer on those who dare to dream. Those who taste all the forbidden fruits, recklessly indulge in love, risk suffering in pursuit of ecstasy − those who live, and thus create art. They are a curtain call for all those adventurers. A curtain call for dreamers.

TUYS — Papaya (Official Video)