Concert / Dark wave Warm Graves

Support: Von Kübe
© Julia Perkuhn

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Warm Graves was brought to life by Jonas Marc Anton Wehner in 2012. In the years following the release of their epic 2014 debut Ships Will Come, Warm Graves soon found themselves touring with the likes of Exploded View and Moon Duo and sharing stages with The Soft Moon, Crystal Stilts, Efterklang and Moonface, among many others. 

Having spent seven years quietly working on their second album, Ease (2021), in the shadows, Warm Graves is now emerging once again as both a live and recording force. By digging deep into the idea of transformation, of deconstruction and reconstruction, Wehner has returned with an album that pushes his music and songwriting to newfound heights in the process.

For fans of:

Soft Moon, Exploded View

Warm Graves — Sound Sleeper (Visualiser)

The night will open with Von Kübe, a boomer’s musical attempt at connecting with their German roots. The project conjures up the Ruhr’s industrial atmospheres and Saarland’s bucolic scents.