Concert / Post-punk Italia 90

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Congés Annulés 
© photo 1: Italia 90 © Dylan Adkinson / photo 2: marcel © Mathieu Teissier
Congés Annulés 

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Italia 90 thread together several disparate influences, united by childhood friendship and a drive to make exciting, interesting and politically/​socially engaged music. Despite navigating such serious political themes, Italia 90 still manage to convey sardonic humor and a sense of playfulness in their songwriting.

The London-based 4‑piece have released a number of singles and EPs since 2018, building a cult live following as well as performing with the likes of Viagra Boys, Cocaine Piss and The Murder Capital. At the Congés Annulés they’ll have the stage all to themselves. Let’s see how they use it!

For fans of:

TV Priest, Sleaford Mods, Folly Groupe

Italia 90 — Borderline (Official Video)

marcel is a carnival ghost who likes to make a lot of noise by tenderly rubbing his cheek on humans − like a lame cat with cymbals attached to its tail, unbearable but strangely pleasant. Formed in Arlon, Belgium’s oldest city and boasting the highest concentration of pubs per capita, marcel usually takes the form of a quintet. The guitars and the bass conjure up 50 years of saturated music: rock’n’roll, post-punk, punk-rock, grunge, noise, indie,…. The drums mix it all up with beats that carry the listener away, without one single look back.

marcel — bbl [official video]