Konzert / Indie & Shoegaze Hotline TNT

Support: Minivan + Foumuckl (DJ Set)
Congés Annulés 
© Photo 1: Hotline TNT / Photo 2 © Minivan
Congés Annulés 

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Hotline TNT has the rare combination of thinking they are the best band in the world while also not taking anything too seriously. Most bands wouldn’t do things the way TNT does. That’s why it’s fun. The amplifiers are turned all the way up and the vocals barely peek out from under the covers while the guitar players stare at the ground (and occasionally trip over their own feet). Don’t listen to it on drugs.


Wednesday, Feeble Little Horse, Julie

Hotline TNT — I Thought You’d Change


Minivan emerged in 2022, quickly gaining traction across central Europe with their unique blend of modern post-punk and psychedelic influences. Their music, characterized by fun riffs and odd time signatures, delivers a raw and energetic live experience.

The band’s dynamic stage presence has opened doors, with notable performances including shows alongside Geese and a tour with Bdrmm. Minivan’s evolving discography captures the essence of their genre-defying sound, promising an exhilarating journey for listeners as they navigate the realms of post and psych punk.

As the Minivan accelerates into the future, the members Eli Nix, Max Glass, Erwan Entringer, Zach Gould and Marcus (Cus) Ganado, combined with the band’s growing fan base and reputation for unforgettable performances, solidify their position as a driving force in the post-punk revolution. 

Minivan Live at Marie Antoinette