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Congés Annulés 
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Congés Annulés 

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Formed in 2019, Lifeguard are Asher Case (bass, vocals), Isaac Lowenstein (drums, percussion), and Kai Slater (guitar, vocals). At its core, Lifeguard is a punk band. Their music is loud and energetic. It’s also, at its core, visceral and hypnotic. For the Chicago-based trio that can include repetition and blasts of speaker cone-shredding feedback. Their songs adeptly balance melody and chaos, rhythm and drone. Hooks and noise are held to the same standard. Both have to stick.

Last July Matador released Crowd Can Talk / Dressed in Trenches”, a composite of two EPs by Lifeguard. Crowd Can Talk” was originally released in the summer of 2022 by Chicago label Born Yesterday, while Dressed in Trenches” features five brand new and unreleased songs.

On each record, there are echoes of underground guitar bands from decades past. This is not record-collector music, though. It’s the product of a present-day community. Lifeguard are, first and foremost, a performing band and the songs are written to stand up in that moment.

More than old records – before that, before anything – we’re influenced by live shows and people around us,” explains Slater. The inspiration comes from playing shows with people and having that mind-blown moment of seeing some friend play at Schubas or Book Club,” adds Lowenstein. It’s happening on these tiny little scales of seeing kids play live and [knowing] this is something new and interesting.”


At The Drive In / Horsegirl / Fugazi

Lifeguard- 17−18 Lovesong” (Official Music Video)


The band members met at a hearing loss clinic in 2022 and thought: in for a dollar, in for a dime.

The main idea behind GOFAI is one of unrelenting violence and irreverence, blending hardcore, noise rock and shoegaze. While 2023’s debut album GO FAIL” was more firmly rooted in punk rock, it nonetheless included elements, that were expanded upon on 2024’s Aratov Drive”. The EP puts the band’s more experimental leanings on full display, and has shown that GOFAI is one of Luxembourg’s preeminent underground bands.

GOFAI — Slain Boar (Music Video)