Konzert / Piano The Eye Of Time

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The Eye Of Time is the solo project of French musician Marc Euvrie. His self-titled debut was released in 2012 and exposed Euvrie’s dark view of the present, the past and the future. His later albums confirmed the influences of Claude Debussy, Philip Glass, Michael Nyman as well as of Godspeed! You Black Emperor, A Silver Mt. Zion and Portishead.

In March 2021 Euvrie released Acoustic II, his 6th album but only his second for piano and cello. In the summer of 2018 I travelled across Europe for two weeks, with an acoustic upright piano and a cello to play outdoor shows that most of the time took place in natural areas.” The experience was thoroughly positive, which gave him the energy to compose more songs. In the process he also acquired more experience with the cello drone set, with cello loops and beats made by tapping on the cello. 

After composing it took Euvrie a whole year to record everything. A long and exhausting process that we now have the chance to discover on stage!

« With The Eye Of Time, everything seems to happen simultaneously in a perfect polyphonic balance. […] In other words, Marc Euvrie is one of those artists who can juggle many things all while making it sound only natural. »
— Pop Matters
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