Konzert / Indie & Singer/​songwriter Bartleby Delicate

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© Photo 1: Bartleby Delicate / Photo 2 © Pit Reding
Congés Annulés 

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Navigating the currents of contemporary folk and loop-oriented electronics, upcoming singer/​songwriter Bartleby Delicate keeps a sharp focus on the narratives he weaves into his forward-thinking compositions. Georges Goerens, the self-proclaimed nineties boy behind this project manages to cut through the blogosphere simply by being good at what he does. As the feverish expressionism of his visuals suggests, the music plays in a field of its own, earning him accolades from Tom Rosenthal and live performances all across Europe (SPOT, Reeperbahn Festival, WAVES Vienna, The Great Escape) in the process. His EP Deadly Sadly Whatever’ showcases a cinematic quality that stretches the limits of imagination. Building on the polyphonic expanse of this voice, field recordings merge with subtle arpeggios and melancholy piano chords, all driven forward by the underlying pulse of a human heart. Capturing the contradictions and lust for life of millennial tension, Bartleby Delicate’s voice provides the light that gets in through the cracks of everyday life.

« Bartleby Delicate is the epitome of a soulful one-man folk-band, creating sounds that we are only used to hear from José Gonzáles or Bon Iver. »
— Diffus
Bartleby Delicate Deadly Over You” (Live at

Inspired by musicians such as Alice Phoebe Lou, Thea Wang and girl in red, the artist Hannah Ida aspires to create intimate, versatile and authentic bedroom pop. A central aspect of her work lies in observing and displaying contemporary conflicts, as well as the simple beauties of life. Hannah Ida’s raw voice accompanied by guitar or ukulele, thereby englobes beautifully melancholic songs full of meaning and intimate sensibility.

Hannah Ida — Addicted to Harmony (live @ Blue Bird