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There are one million ways to approach love, one million ways to experience love, one million ways in which love shapes both the course of our lives and how we choose to navigate that course. On her second album, Bnny’s Jessica Viscius looks love square in its many eyes and describes, with self-awareness and humor, not only what she sees, but what it makes her feel. Deep romantic love, breathy lust, generous self-love — and their opposites, self-loathing, resentment, disappointment — all make appearances on One Million Love Songs, Bnny’s revelatory second album.

For fans of:

Snail Mail, Packs, Francis of Delirium

Bnny — Good Stuff (Official Video)

First Mote

After pre-pubescent jam sessions in a garage, digging into the heavy riffs and rhythms of Soul Sacrifice, TNT and Little Wing, Jamie Reinert and Christophe Demart have finally gotten round to getting some stuff on tape. It’s taken around 20 years, but their instrumental communion is as rough as ever. Electric baritone guitar and drums are at the centre of things since neither of them have the courage to sing.