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Support: Laena Myers
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Widowspeak is singer-songwriter Molly Hamilton and guitarist Robert Earl Thomas, a project perennially anchored by warm, expansive arrangements, references to 90’s dream pop, 60’s psychedelia, and a certain unshakeable Pacific-Northwestness.

The Jacket, the band’s 6th album, is a present and comfortable record, imbued with a sense of collective pause and the ease of a band at the top of their game. For all its familiar textures, it still feels entirely fresh within that canon: proudly a guitar record, a rock record, a songwriter’s record. A Widowspeak record.

The resulting record is a wizened meditation on performance and past lives from a band who’ve seen their fair share, hitting their stride now over a decade in.

For fans of: 

Blouse, Angel Olsen

Widowspeak — True Blue (Official Video)


Laena Myers’ experimental punk background of guitar-based songwriting merges with her classical roots and love for singing ballads, leading to a depth of emotion that cuts to the heart of even the most hardened.

Aside from contributing violin, bass guitar, and vocals to countless recordings and live performances as a supportive player to other artists in the Los Angeles music scene, she also led her own critically acclaimed and internationally touring band FEELS until their final shows in 2022.

Live, Laena performs with varying accompaniment but most consistently is joined by guitarist/​bassist Cole Berliner, playing songs off of her upcoming release interwoven with improvised violin, guitar loops and spoken word.

LUV (Songs of Yesterday) is set for release on February 23rd, 2024 on Taxi Gauche Records. 

Laena Myers — Strong (Official Video)